Processor / CPU

The processor is essentially the brain of the PC. All computers, including the one you’re reading this article with, have a dedicated CPU. The processor is used in a range of tasks, such as loading up Windows, Video Editing, & processing 1080p YouTube videos when you’re not gaming. A quick processor helps improve overall PC ‘snappiness’ that a PC feels, when you load new tabs up, or when you switch between programs for example. 

The processor is highly important for getting great FPS in your games. The CPU doesn’t affect FPS when you change the graphics settings, but a good CPU helps smooth out general game performance, especially in CPU intensive titles, or when there’s lots going on to process – such as explosions, or when you’re in built up areas in game.

In all our computers, we make sure that both the CPU and GPU are paired well, so neither one of the other hold back, or limit one another’s performance.

There are two main manufacturers – Intel and AMD.