Power Supply / PSU

The power supply does what you’d imagine it to do. It supplies power to all the individual components in a computer, with specific wires for specific parts. It’s where the mains cable plugs into.

Whilst the power supply doesn’t affect in-game performance, a dodgy PSU can cause stuttering, freezing and crashes. It’s extremely important to have a high quality unit, with enough wattage to handle the combined power of the components. The graphics card typically has the largest power draw in a gaming PC, and so has the largest effect on what power supply to choose. There’s no need to worry if you buy a Bedrock Computer, as we ensure the PSU is adequate, of decent quality and allows room to supply enough power to the computer.

If your PC has a relatively low wattage power supply, that simply means it doesn’t require a beefy PSU, since it is built with efficient, low draw components. High wattage units allow room for upgrades in the future without having to upgrade the unit.