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This PC is part of our ultra small form factor range with a desktop model processor installed for far superior performance over a laptop. This HP Prodesk 400 G5 USFF is near silent and comes with high end power coming form the hexacore i5. Thin clients are extremely portable and light, making them ideal for those who move desks lots. Due to the nature of the performance from this PC, it is suitable for multitasking, editing, light graphic design, and for other intense workstation applications. Load into Windows in just 3 seconds from shut down, helped by the high transfer rate Kingston SSD. The units we stock are in great condition (Grade A or higher). You’ll be able to connect up to 3 monitors to this PC.


* Intel Core i5 8500 3GHz Hexacore Processor

* 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM

* 240GB Kingston SSD

* Genuine HP 65W External Power Supply

* 2 Display Ports

* 1 HDMI Port

* 1 Ethernet Port

* 6 USB ports (x2 3.0)

* 2 AUX ports

* Activated Windows 10 Home installed – Pro available upon request.

Suitable For:

  • Internet, emailing & word processing
  • Social Media; Twitter, Facebook & YouTube
  • Latest Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)
  • Sage & Other payroll and accounting programs
  • Medium Intensity graphic design, architecture & engineering work
  • Basic / Easy to Run GamesPrice includes VAT
min. 6-8 USB Ports (inc. USB 3.0)
Gigabit Ethernet Port
AUX - Mic + Headset / Speakers


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1 Year Warranty

Premium Lifetime Support from our Team for Added Peace of Mind. Some systems come with 3 Year Warranty

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Carbon Neutral Shipping, Sustainable Sourcing, and 100% Recycled Plastic-Free Packaging

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Windows Installed

Plug & Play, & Activated. Rigorous 4 hour in-game/program testing procedure to ensure High Performance.

Add a 2.5" SSD with OS reinstalled?

Windows / OS Option

Keyboard/Mouse/Headset/Mousepad Options

No +
Refurbished Office Keyboard +
Combrite RGB Mechanical Style Keyboard +
ASUS TUF K1 RGB Gaming Keyboard +
No +
Refurbished Office Mouse +
Combrite RGB Mouse +
GameMax Razor Gaming Mouse +
Asus TUF M3 Gaming Mouse +
No +
GameMax RGB Razor Headset with Mic +

24" Monitor Options (cables included)

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