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Enhance your computing experience with the Graphite Workstation PC – a powerhouse seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology. Boasting the formidable Intel Core i9-13900K processor which is currently the one of the fastest desktop processors in the world. This PC is so powerful at processing, we don’t really know why anyone would need this much performance – we only know it’s the absolute best a desktop can offer, and we meticulously selected the components to work in harmony as one highly strung performance machine. High-speed 32GB RAM, and a lightning fast Gen 4 1TB m.2 SSD ensure swift data access at over 6GBps. This system is perfect for the professional or power user looking for no-compromise computing power, in a system guaranteed to impress.

Upgrade internal components to improve computational or graphical performance to tailor to your performance requirements, with our competitively priced upgrade options. This PC is suitable for the Adobe Suite, AutoCAD, Blender and more.
Integrated TPM2.0 support for additional security and full Windows 11 compatibility.


  • Intel Core i9-13900K 24 Cores 32 Threads CPU: Unleash the raw power and speed of the 24 core 13900k, providing ultimate computing power for any application.
  • 32GB 3200MHz High-Speed RAM: Effortlessly tackle memory-intensive tasks with 32GB of high speed DDR4 memory, ensuring a responsive and efficient workflow.
  • 1TB Kingston Gen4 m.2 SSD: Lightning fast and spacious Gen4 M.2 storage, which provides rapid access to your extensive projects, files, and multimedia.
  • GameMax GP650 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU: Reliable continued power delivery with an efficient 650W PSU for full lifespan.
  • 240mm VIDA Aquilo AIO Cooler: Essential to effectively cool the 253W i9 with the high performance cooler to ensure continued performance under sustained CPU load.
  • Near Silent Operation: Low noise fans and active sound-damping material lead to low noise, even under heavy load.
  • Optional GPU Upgrade: Upgrade to include pro-level graphics hardware, for video and graphics editing utility.
  • Versatile Connectivity: 8 USB ports (Including USB 3.0) and 4 audio jacks for seamless device integration.
  • Fully Wireless: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity included for full connectivity out the box.
  • GameMax Meshbox Black Case: A stylish fusion of form and function, ensuring optimal cooling, high airflow and a sleek aesthetic.

PC Dimensions: 40.1 x 21.5 x 46.5 cm

Experience the Graphite Workstation – meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched, no compromise computing performance.

Price Including VAT.

min. 6-8 USB Ports (inc. USB 3.0)
Gigabit Ethernet Port
AUX - Mic + Headset / Speakers


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1 Year Warranty

Premium Lifetime Support from our Team for Added Peace of Mind. Some systems come with 3 Year Warranty

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Carbon Neutral Shipping, Sustainable Sourcing, and 100% Recycled Plastic-Free Packaging

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Windows Installed

Plug & Play, & Activated. Rigorous 4 hour in-game/program testing procedure to ensure High Performance.

Upgrade the memory / RAM?

Add PCI-E Graphics card?

Add Storage Capacity?


Windows / OS Option

Keyboard/Mouse/Headset/Mousepad Options

No +
Refurbished Office Keyboard +
CIT BUILDER RGB Gaming Keyboard +
ASUS TUF K1 RGB Gaming Keyboard +
No +
Refurbished Office Mouse +
Combrite RGB Mouse +
GameMax Razor Gaming Mouse +
Asus TUF M3 Gaming Mouse +
No +
GameMax RGB Razor Headset with Mic +

24" Monitor Options (cables included)

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