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Here’s a guide to help you understand more about the optional extras we offer, and how they enhance the performance and usability of your Bedrock Computer.

All our computers come with a minimum of 8GB of memory. This is enough for all eSports games and most modern titles as a minimum requirement. It is enough for general use when browsing the internet, using Spotify and running other small applications. Where 8GB falls short, is in memory hungry titles such as Warzone, PUBG, Battlefield and other more modern intensive titles. Issues may arise with 8GB when gaming and utilising other programs in the background simultaneously, which could slow down your PC when you run out of RAM.
12GB is perfect for almost all games, but falls short for ideal performance in a few AAA titles such as Cyberpunk and Battlefield 2042.
16GB is enough for every single modern game with out issue. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and Football Manager 2020 can benefit from even more RAM however. It may fall short in video editing, CAD or other work station software utilisation, and 24GB or even 32GB may be required for these tasks. 
All our computers come installed with a minimum of 500GB of hard drive storage. This is more than enough to download handful of small and large modern titles.
Take this point as a reference – Fortnite is only 26GB, but GTA V is 95GB. Some older or simpler games up to 10 years old are in the region of 1-20GB. Most new AAA titles these days are over 100GB in size, with COD Black Ops: Cold war at a whopping 164GB! You could find yourself quickly run out of storage if you download and play lots of games.

It’s simple – the more you get, the more you can download and use. Many of our systems come installed with 1-4TB (1000-4000GB) as standard, and we can add up to an extra 2TB (2000GB) to almost all of our PCs.
SSD stands for solid state drive. They massively improve the load times into Windows and applications by around 5x, and further make your PC feel a lot more snappy in general day to day use. 
Currently, we provide a 128GB SSD boot drive, which comes with the Windows installation reinstalled onto the SSD. The main idea with adding a small SSD, is to improve the performance of the Windows experience. Since the 128GB boot drive is fairly small, you won’t be able to download many games onto it. Your games will go onto the larger, slower hard drives, which feels only slightly slower compared to an SSD loaded game. 
A few of our PCs come preinstalled with an SSD, or if you’re lucky, may come with a 256GB-1TB SSD as standard. 
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
This one is fairly straightforward to explain. All our PCs come with a built in ethernet port, which allows you to connect to the internet by wire connection. This is the optimal method of connecting to your internet. The only issue is the logistics involved with connecting to your PC to a wire connection may be tricky, as you might have to buy power line adapters and cables to make this possible. This is where Wi-Fi dongles come in. Simply plug the USB antenna into your PC, and connect wirelessly to the internet.
Some PCs may come installed with Wi-Fi already, but next to no computers we sell have Bluetooth connectivity as a standard feature.
This dongle will allow you to connect to any Bluetooth device, such as portable speaker, keyboard, headset – you name it. Some Bluetooth devices come with its respective adapter already, but having 1 general US Bluetooth Adapter installed is beneficial.
RGB strips / RGB fans / RGB Cases
Apart from the fact that extra fans increase case airflow and thus lower the temperatures of your hot PC components, these extras only serve drastically improve the aesthetic of your system. Give your PC a personal touch with a custom colour scheme and beautiful lighting.
Just like RGB strips and fans our brand new gaming peripherals look stunning, and provide an excellent feel and finishing touch to your Bedrock Computer. We offer these extras since they’re an essential part of any gaming PC. 
You can opt for a basic keyboard and mouse pair, which will allow you to use the PC and game at a basic level. In truth, they will be just fine for anyone looking to just get started who don’t care much about looks or gaming feel and performance. However, once you opt for our RGB peripherals, you won’t look back. The only physical connection you have with our gaming computers are through your hands and fingertips on the keyboard, mouse and mousepad. When you game and use your Bedrock Computer, it will feel like a gaming computer. Bright backlights and gaming features such as sensitivity and key bind adjustments, ensure our RGB peripherals are far superior to standard equipment.
Whilst we don’t make much money off of our peripherals, they go to serve a better customer experience, making it easier for you to get great value, high quality gaming equipment, without having to look elsewhere.
You may be wondering how we can offer our Windows 11 Upgrade so cheaply, at only £5 extra from Windows 10. This is because the product keys are cross compatible, meaning we don’t have to spend any extra money on new licences. Windows 11 offers a few benefits over Windows 10, such as looking more modern and sleek. However, Windows 10 still remains a the most compatible and reliable choice for general use.
You might also wonder how our PCs remain cheap despite offering Activated Windows. This is because the computers we source already have OEM licences installed on them before we refurbish them, meaning we only have to buy retail keys for a small number of PCs. For this reason, we don’t increase the price of our PCs due to Windows Activation.

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