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£650 – £800

Scroll down for in-game performance!

This is where stuff starts getting serious. We still recommend 1080p in this range, but you’ll be able to use a 1440p monitor for anything modern/intensive/AAA smoothly and at high settings. Expect great performance on high pre-sets/graphics in games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 and Cyberpunk 2077.

We install a minimum GTX 1080 8GB in this bracket – and you’ll get plenty of other features elsewhere, such as a high multicore performance i7 6th or 7th Gen processor installed. 


You’ll get: 

 The ability to run triple monitor configurations in simulators or normal games

 The ultimate 1080p Gaming Machine – expect no compromises in this resolution

GTX 1080 graphics card or higher, with 8GB VRAM

i7 6th Gen processor or higher

 16GB RAM minimum

– 240GB SSD + 1TB HDD minimum

– 700W Power Supply

Our recommendation: The Hexacore Gaming PC: Great for Cyberpunk 2077, Modern Warfare 2 & 1440p Gaming

Min. estimated game FPS & recommended settings in 1080p: 

PUBG – 100+ FPS on HIGH Graphics

Warzone – 95+ FPS on HIGH

Valorant – 175+ FPS on ULTRA

CS:GO – 175+ FPS on ULTRA

Fortnite – 130+ FPS on EPIC

Apex – 110 + FPS on HIGH Graphics

Cyberpunk – 90 FPS on HIGH

GTA V – 100 FPS on ULTRA 

Assetto – 120 FPS on SHADER Patch

FS 2020 – 60 FPS on ULTRA 

FIFA 22/23 –  130 FPS on ULTRA 

FH 5  – 90 FPS on EXTREME

Minecraft – 100 FPS on SHADERS

R6 Seige – 120 FPS on HIGH Graphics

Fallout 4 – 110 FPS on HIGH Graphics

RDR2 – 90 FPS on HIGH Graphics

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