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£300 – £400

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Suited to those who want hassle free 1080p gaming without the large upfront cost.

You’ll be able to up the graphics settings in games like Fortnite – great for buyers on a budget who want a bit more power.

These are highly upgradable down the line – you can swap the GPU for a GTX 1060/1070 with relative ease.

This bracket guarantees you’ll be able to run any modern game / AAA game / intensive simulator well at lower settings in 1080p. Please note this doesn’t guarantee high settings / zero lag at these settings, but expect capability in games like Warzone, COD Vanguard, Assassins Creed Valhalla, PUBG and more.


You’ll get: 

 The ability to run most AAA games smoothly in 1080p

 Quad Core power for Role Play games

GTX 1050 Ti graphics card or higher, with 4GB VRAM

i5 4th Gen processor or higher

8-12GB RAM 

500GB Hard Drive minimum

– 300W Power Supply or higher

Our recommendation: The Skyline Gaming PC: Great for Apex Legends, Fortnite & GTA V

PUBG – 60 FPS on MEDIUM Graphics

Warzone – 50 FPS MEDIUM Graphics

Valorant – 130 FPS MEDIUM Graphics

CS:GO – 130 FPS  MEDIUM Graphics

Fortnite – 80 FPS  MEDIUM Graphics

Apex – 80 FPS on DEFAULT Mode

R6 Seige – 75 FPS HIGH Settings

GTA V – 55 FPS on HIGH Settings 

Skyrim V – 90 FPS on 2K Textures

Fallout 4 – 75 FPS  MEDIUM Graphics

FIFA 22/23 – 60 FPS LOW Mode

FH 5  – 50 FPS on MEDIUM Graphics

Minecraft – 80 FPS HIGH Graphics

Roblox – 90 FPS MAX Presets

Sims 4 – 60 FPS on HIGH Settings

LoL – 120 FPS on ULTRA Graphics

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