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Under £300

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We ensure that even our Entry Level Gaming PCs are still capable & powerful units which we specifically design for gaming.  

These are highly upgradable down the line – so you can swap the CPU for an i5 / i7, and up-rate the graphics card in the future.

They’re perfect for a child/first time gamer just starting out in the world of gaming. Ideal for buyers on a limited budget.

For Gaming PCs in this price bracket, we can’t guarantee they’ll run every modern or intensive game, but for they’re great for eSports and simpler games – or even GTA V or Apex Legends.


You’ll get: 

At least 4x the gaming horsepower compared to an Office PC counterpart

Similar performance to a 1st Gen XBOX ONE / PS4 from 2013.

GTX 750 Ti graphics card or higher, with 2GB VRAM

i3 4th Gen processor or higher

8GB RAM minimum

500GB Hard Drive minimum

– 300W Power Supply

Our recommendation: The Starter Gaming PC: Great for eSports, Minecraft & Roblox

PUBG – 45 FPS on MEDIUM Graphics

R6 Seige – 65 FPS on LOW Graphics

Valorant – 100 FPS on HIGH Graphics

CS:GO – 115 FPS on LOW Graphics

Fortnite – 215 FPS on PER. Mode

Apex – 40 FPS on STANDARD Mode

Skyrim V – 60 FPS on 2K Textures

GTA V – 35 FPS on HIGH Graphics

Assetto – 55 FPS on LOW Settings

Fallout 4 – 40 FPS on LOW Graphics

FIFA 22/23 – 45 on FPS LOW Mode

FH 5  – 35 FPS on MEDIUM Graphics

Minecraft – 60 FPS on HIGH Settings

Roblox – 60 FPS on MAX Presets

Sims 4 – 40 FPS on HIGH Settings

LoL – 110 FPS on ULTRA Graphics

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