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We hope you’ll never need to use your 1 Year Warranty. Either way, you have a great support line first hand after the Warranty Period expires, to help advise on the unlikely case of issues and mishaps years down the line. Luckily, issues during during the first 5 years of Ownership are very, very rare. Frequently, if you are unlucky enough to come across an issue, it’s guaranteed to be fixable, and is often simple to fix or repair.

Although these issues are rare, they can happen! That’s technology for you. Our 1 Year Parts & Labour Return-to-Base Warranty is unbeatable for value. Get unlimited repairs/fixes without any hassle or faff, included with your Bedrock Computer.

Turnaround times for warranty claims

The time is takes for your PC to be repaired and back in your hands from the moment you make a claim varies from 1-14 days. 

As soon as the PC is with us, we aim for 1 working day to diagnose and order replacement parts if necessary. Some repairs won’t need replacement parts or we may have them already, which will see us complete the warranty recall within 1 working day exluding delivery.

As soon as the replacement parts are delivered to our address, we aim to have the PC fully working and tested within 1 working day, and another working day to dispatch and ship the PC back to your address.

When am I eligible for a claim?

It’s really simple. We cover anything whereby your Bedrock Computer breaks or develops issues under its own steam. 

It should be noted that any evidence of damage caused by any of the following will not be eligible for a claim:

– Water damage 

– Viruses & Malware (Windows Defender is installed and bulletproof – so keep this on)

– Impact damage  

– Neglect or misuse

– Accidental damage

– Overclocking

– Mains power surges

Components upgraded by yourself will not be covered under warranty, but the PC will remain under warranty if the upgrade was done to a suitable standard following good PC building practices.

Even if you are ineligible, your claim is still eligible for any genuine issues/faults not related to or caused by the above. In the case of ineligibility, you will be charged for parts & labour relating to the damage caused by any of the following above.

 Shipping/additional costs

For customers nationwide who would prefer shipping, you can arrange your own shipping, or we charge an additional £10-£40 (including full cover & compensation) for collection and delivery of your faulty/broken PC. The charge is based on value, weight and size. For Gaming PCs, this figure averages £30-35. All you have to do is package it adequately and suitably with our advice, print & stick on the return label provided and viola! Have your parcel collected and later returned fully working and re-maintained. 

You must package your Bedrock Computer properly, or you may be liable for shipping damage. This means removing the graphics card, packaging it well, and leaving it inside the PC lose. The tower must have at least 5cm padding on all corners/edges/sides. The box will therefore need to be large enough.

Don’t worry – if you need to send it back, we can advise and give you the go ahead if you send us some pictures before you send it off!

You are able to drop off the faulty/broken PC to our address in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. You can of course do so free of charge – this reduces the turnaround time too.

Policy & Refunds

This Warranty Policy only relates to the temprary return of your Bedrock Computer for repair. It does not allow you to return the PC for a full refund during the warranty period. However, you are eligible to return your PC within 30 days of Purchase as per our Returns Policy. The warranty period lasts for 365 days from delivery/collection date as stated on the invoice.

We reserve the right to refuse capital reimbursement from third party labour and parts charges. In this context, we will only partially refund an amount under our discretion, relating to the amount it would have cost us to do ourselves.

Under our discretion and your acceptance, we may offer a partial refund under specific claim contexts.

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