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Our ethos:

Gaming PCs are expensive. There’s no 2 ways about it. Even if you’re looking to buy one on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. 

And if you’re buying from a trusted company, prepare to spend too much on a PC that won’t perform well enough. 

That’s why we founded Bedrock Computers – because we want to make PC Gaming more affordable, without compromise on power, looks, or the service & support you’ll get.

A few words from the owner, Charlie

"Hi there! Firstly, thank you for getting up to this point, and taking the time to read this.

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2021 studying Geology – hence the rocky theme to our website. And, over the past year and a half, me and my company have built over 1550 gaming computers for many happy customers. I found that that there are lots of you out there who just want a well built and reliable computer, that is above all, affordable and performs well in a range of games for top value. If you're environmentally aware, Bedrock Computers is where you should look for your next PC - we only buy or manufacture a very small quantity of new electrical hardware.

Our computers typically start at only £200, which perform similarly to a 1st generation Xbox One or PS4, and go all the way up to beastly systems, with no compromises at 4K resolution in any game. These computers are a great balance between “brand new”, overpriced and underpowered systems, and are also much better than dusty, questionable used listings on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. In essence, this is a great way to get your foot in the door with PC gaming. I’ve learnt a lot in my time in this industry, so you’re certainly in the right hands should you have any questions.

With excellent prices (you won't find better elsewhere), a 1 Year Warranty as standard, and premium service & quality, it's hard to understand why you'd shop elsewhere. Give back to the environment, and avoid buying into the new tech manufacturing loop. Thank you for your interest in owning a Bedrock PC."

Charlie Hillary
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The steps we take to protect the environment

We exist to protect the environment through tech recycling & responsible manufacturing.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We use UPS & DPD carbon neutral shipping labels for all PC and Monitor deliveries, making a difference 1 PC at a time.

>80% Recycled Parts

The vast majority of the parts in your Bedrock PC are pre-existing high-end gaming parts. We refurbish these – making sure good parts don’t go to waste.

Plastic Free Packaging

All our packaging is paper / cardboard based. Any bubble wrap packaging is reused. We have sourced biodegradable air cushions and peanuts to ensure we leave no trace.

Near-Zero Landfill

We scrap old PC cases for recycling, and send components we can’t use to specialist partners for rare earth metal and Gold recovery.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Warranty as Standard

Average 7 Day Delivery Time

Hand Built and British Made

What our customers have to say

** Some games we use to test our PCs

Experience smooth gameplay at high graphics settings, for much less. Each Bedrock PC is meticulously tested, and made from high quality components with reputable brands we guarantee you’ll get the performance you want

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